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I've never told this to anyone before. For years I've selfishly kept
this secret to myself...

...The Secret Formula Of How To Naturally Get Any Woman To Develop
Romantic And Wild Sexual Attraction To Any Man...

And It Works On Every Woman On The Planet - No Matter How You Look, How
Old You Are, Or How Much Money You Have...
"Experience The First Real Breakthrough In Seduction Technology In The
Last 5 Years... Arm Yourself With Brutally Deadly Seduction Tactics
That Will Completely Annihilate All Your Obstacles With Women... And
Leave Other Men In The Dust!"
Derek Rake
- Derek Rake, author, speaker, coach

From: Derek Rake

Dear Friend,
I think you'll be shocked by what you're about to read.
Three deadly vicious LIES about dating and attraction have been
systematically fed into most men's minds... and there's a good chance
that they have been responsible for spoiling YOUR chances with women so
If you BELIEVED any of these lies, then reading this letter will stop
you from making the costliest mistake in your life...
...because later I'm going to EXPOSE all three lies and give you the
exact steps you can take that will solve all your dating woes forever.
But first, I want to share with you a short story about myself.
I was recently out at a trendy bar in Boston with an old school friend
of mine. Blessed with superstar good looks, Wayne was six-foot-five, as
suave as George Clooney in a Brioni tux... and he has made bogs of cash
as a heavy-hitter investment banker. And to top it all up, he drives a
bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo (which he nicknames the
Quite simply, Wayne seems to have one up on me in every way... looks,
height, money, career... you name it. He's what you might call "Mr
Both of us were chatting up two attractive women at the bar. Wayne
started to brag about the millions he had made on Wall Street, and
offered to buy the girls a $600 bottle of vintage Cristal. As he poured
the drinks, he started to compliment the girls on their voluptuous
curves, mesmerizing blue eyes, lovely blonde curls...
I was doing none of that! But what then happened next might surprise
The women slowly stopped paying attention to Wayne... and started to
get magnetically drawn to me instead!
Needless to say, Wayne was completely floored by this... and was
convinced that I just had a lucky break. After all, he thinks that he'a
a real catch by any standard...
But, as we approached more women in the bar, the same thing happened...
the women are obviously more attracted to me than to Wayne.
So what happened? Can you guess how I "beat" Wayne?

If you don't, then here's the answer: what gave me the advantage over
Wayne was that I was aware of the Three Deadly Lies of Dating... and I
had avoided making these common mistakes like a plague. Read on to find
out what they are.

Lie #1:
You Can Make A Woman Like You Using Canned Routines, Openers & Stories
That "Demonstrate High Value"
This LIE really pisses me off because it's blatantly false, and was
cooked up to deliberately MISLEAD men.
Like most guys, I used to BELIEVE in this lie... after seeing it
multiple times in a couple of dating guides.
Here's the brutal truth... much of what we are commonly taught about
dating is just plain WRONG. It leads to endless confusion, needless
frustration and settling for low quality women. It sucks.
I've found that success (not only with women, but in any aspect of
life) involves ignoring or even doing the OPPOSITE of what the "gurus"
tell you.
So contrary to the bullcrap you hear about using "canned routines" and
"openers" that "demonstrate high value ", you should NOT be
monopolizing the conversation... and you definitely shouldn't do most
of the talking.
Instead, know that if you can get her to talk about the RIGHT themes
and topics, you can then "guide" her to share with you HER stories that
will generate INTENSE emotions...
... and link those wonderful romantic emotions to you!
Back to my previous story about Wayne:
He had all these canned routines and braggart stories to tell women...
but they only demonstrated his deep-seated INSECURITIES... and women
will see right through him every single time.
Until Wayne gets a clue about how to generate attraction in women
systematically without resorting to canned stories and routines, he
will probably going to keep getting haphazard results with women.

Lie #2:
You Have To "CHASE" Women To Get Them Attracted To You
This is a subtle lie, but a deadly one.
It might sound somewhat like a paradox to you, but here's what most
guys miss...
The more SELECTIVE you are, then the more CHOICES you will have when it
comes to women. In fact, the more women you REJECT, the more women will
FLOCK to you.
Listen to me here... if there's only ONE thing you take away from
reading this letter then it's this -
If you select women based on your OWN standards, it makes you far more
attractive than guys who settle for sub-par women just to get some...
Why is this so? Well, the answer is simple... guys who "chase" women
are always so nice and eager to please that they drive women away.
That was what happened to Wayne... he thought that the more he tried to
please the women (by buying them expensive champagne and showering them
with compliments), the bigger the chances of him getting laid.
My approach was different: I used a simple trick that automatically
triggers attraction inside any woman I meet... and then I compel her to
chase me instead.
Later, I'm going to show you a step-by-step method on how I do this...
And you won't see this method elsewhere because I'm the only one
teaching it. Keep reading!

Lie #3:
You Should Set Your Sights Only On Women Who Are "In Your League"
Have you ever had one of these thoughts run through your mind?
* "Well, I'm not really into hot women anyway. As long as she's OK
looking then I'm fine."

* "I'm getting old, so I better get what I can take."

* "I'm probably not good enough for a woman like that."

If you have, then like most guys, you are setting your targets WAY too
Most guys settle for the first girl who likes them, and then try too
hard to CLING on to her as long as possible. Or... they see a woman who
is truly hot and then DISQUALIFY themselves because they think it's
impossible to seduce out of their league.
Instead of withholding your TRUE desires, why not make your wildest
wishes and dreams come true?
I've guided thousands of men to do this... and there's no reason why I
can't do the same with you.

If you weren't aware of these lies that you've been fed with, don't
feel bad. Once upon a time I wasn't aware either.
I still remember hanging around friends who have this kind of
incredible power... a seemingly natural ability to draw women to them
like a magnet.
I used to tell myself that I can't compete simply because I'm not good
looking enough, or that I am not that interesting as a person... and so
But I finally realized that I was just feeding myself with pathetic
excuses and owned up to the fact that...
...When It Came To Understanding Women, I Was As Clueless As A Playboy
Playmate At A Quantum Physics Lecture
I then decided to tackle this very important part of my life head-on...
and try to research the process of attracting women by reading every
dating book that I could get my hands on.
Some of the materials I read were useful, but most were just plain,
cookie-cutter stuff which have been rehashed from other books.
Now if you've come across Neil Strauss' book "The Game", then you
should be aware of the existence of certain online groups called the
"Seduction Community".
Truth be told... I was part of this Community for many years until I
pulled out from it...
...after realizing that the Seduction Community is possibly the BIGGEST
perpetrator of the Three Deadly Lies that I deeply despised
More on my beef with the Seduction Community later... but here's what
happened after I made my "exit stage left" from the Community...
I gathered all my journals, notes and in-field recordings that I
meticulously made over the years, and painstakingly crafted and
experimented with a step-by-step system for generating INTENSE
attraction in women... using a combination of psychological and
"best-of-breed" tactics.
And what I created completely revolutionized my dating life in every
way... I went from this timid guy who walks with a permanent slouch...
To suddenly find myself in "sure win" situations... where hot women
were approaching me and competing against each other to win me over.
It Was So Easy That I Had To Pinch Myself Repeatedly To Make Sure I Was
Not Dreaming...
I'm totally stumped why more guys haven't discovered these secrets. I
mean, I haven't changed anything about me... I was still broke as a
joke, and I was still driving my 1980 pickup truck when I go on dates
with the beautiful women (strangely, they never seemed to mind...)
Now whenever I lay my eyes on a woman I desire, all I need to do is to
I follow the meticulous System that I have perfected over the years...
and it's just a matter of time before she completely surrenders herself
to me... body and soul.
That's a huge claim, I know. But once you finished reading this letter
you will understand just how insanely powerful the System is, and why
it's completely fail-proof...
... and with it, you can just "switch on" your newly-acquired magnetic
powers of seduction... and instantly make romance and sex come roaring
into your life!

Deadly Seduction Cover
If You Can Spare Just 20 Minutes A Day Reading & Applying The
Techniques From "DeadlySeduction(TM): How To Seduce Out Of Your
League", Then You Have Everything It Takes To Achieve The Success With

"DeadlySeduction(TM)" works regardless of...
* Your experience level with women... it does not matter if you've
had many girlfriends before or you're looking for your first.

* Your looks or money, social status or race.

* The location where you want to use it. These techniques work
everywhere... bookstores, Starbucks, at college, at your office,
clubs, bars, or even online).

* What you want to achieve with women... whether you want a steady
girlfriend, or if you want to date multiple women, or if you want
your ex-girlfriend back, or you just want seven one-night-stands
for each day in the week... the choice is yours.

* The type of women you want to attract. These tactics work on any
woman... whether she's someone you just met for 5 minutes or
someone you've known for 5 years... your sultry neighbour, or that
sexy intern at office... or strippers, cougars and even porn
stars... you're only limited by your own imagination!

Ken from FL Used DeadlySeduction(TM) Techniques To Completely "Burn
Through His Town's Supply Of Dateable Women"...
DeadlySeduction testimonial

Todd Used The Powerful "Memory Elicitation" Technique From
DeadlySeduction(TM) To Get A Woman From Date To Bed In 48 Hours...
DeadlySeduction Testimonial

"Powerful...simply powerful."
"Definitely eye-opening and mindboggling at the same time. I have not
seen the `covert' strategy of "Master Salesman Formulae" anywhere else,
and I have used it many times now to deadly effect. Powerful, simply

"This book is simply superb, and I also appreciate the fact that you
take the time to give me some coaching over email. Thanks!"

- Harry P Singh, Delhi

Ash From UK Bedded A Hottie From His Class Using A Powerful Combo Of
DeadlySeduction(TM) Tactics...

DeadlySeduction Testimonial

"Your materials deliver right from day one."

"Hey Rake,

"I have read all kinds of books on the subject of dating and seduction,
and I thought I have seen it all. But unlike the others, very simply,
your materials deliver right from day one."

- John "Bud" Cotter, Seattle


In the next section, I'm going to show you exactly what
DeadlySeduction(TM) is, and how you can use this breakthrough
technology to achieve success with women in the shortest time

DeadlySeduction cover

How DeadlySeduction(TM) Is Different (And Better) Than Every Dating
Book That You'll Ever Read

That's A Pretty Bold Claim... But I'm Going To Prove It To You In Exact
Detail Below. Continue Reading...

On the previous page, I've talked briefly about my time in the
Seduction Community, and how I've decided to pull out from the
Community after several years.
Now don't get me wrong... I have learned an awful lot from the
Community myself, and in many ways it has shaped the dating coach I am
today. And for that, I am eternally grateful.
However, as the Community grew, it became confusing for guys getting
into the game because there are now so many "styles" of seduction which
sometimes completely contradict each other.
(If you've read a couple of dating ebooks, then you know exactly what I
am talking about here.)
I've probably devoured and tested more stuff than anyone else, and from
my many years of being "in-the-trenches" I'm able to experience
first-hand each major style of seduction. As a result, I've obtained
valuable overview of advantages and disadvantages of each style:

Why Having Multiple Styles Of Seduction To Choose From Is A DEATH TRAP
For Most Guys...
I never cease to feel amused when a guy comes up to me and says, "I
only do Indirect Game"... and then proceeds to tell he that he has
never slept with a woman (which is why he comes up to me for help in
the first place).
Any dating coach or company who tells you to do ONLY Direct Game /
Indirect Game / Hypnosis / Natural Game / Day Game / Night Game /
Online Game etc fails to understand the grounding principles on which
seduction is built upon.
You see, you can do Direct Game if the woman you're trying to pick up
is already attracted to you. If she hasn't yet, you do Indirect Game.
The same thing applies to any style of seduction existing in the world
today... you must know how to adapt according to different situations
and circumstances.
This is where DeadlySeduction(TM) comes in...
DeadlySeduction(TM) Works On The Use Of Different "Styles" For
Different Situations
DeadlySeduction(TM) is a "hybrid" seduction system that incorporates
tools, techniques and theories from several styles of seduction.
DeadlySeduction ebook
DeadlySeduction(TM) Works Even For The Complete Beginner
You absolutely do NOT need to even be remotely familiar with the
Seduction Community for DeadlySeduction(TM) to work for you.
It doesn't matter if you haven't heard of "Direct" or "Indirect
Game"... in fact it might even be better as you won't have any
preconceived ideas on how seduction techniques work.
DeadlySeduction(TM) is designed to suit you no matter what your skill
level is...
* If you're a complete beginner, it will give you a step-by-step
roadmap - you'll get hand-held from start till the end on how the
seduction process works, and

* If you're on the intermediate or advanced level, you'll see how
your existing techniques fit into the "big picture" and discover
ways to "turbocharge" your existing dating toolset to the next

DeadlySeduction(TM) Will Work For You... For A Lifetime
It's a mistake to think that one style is "out of date" and another is
newer... anyone who has REAL success with women knows that the same
techniques that work throughout the years will continue to work...
simply because human nature doesn't evolve that quickly.
The principles by which DeadlySeduction(TM) works will always be true:
for you, for your children, and for your grandchildren. The techniques
might improve every few years or so... but they are not just going to


"DeadlySeduction(TM) Is The First Real Breakthrough In Seduction Advice
For The Last 5 1/2 Years..."
Hey Rake,
I'm a practitioner of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do (JKD), and I can't help
but to see the similarities between DeadlySeduction(TM) and JKD.
Bruce Lee realized that martial art styles have become too rigid and
unrealistic... and designed JKD as a "free form" style with
smooth-flowing techniques incorporated from karate, kung fu, boxing and
other schools of martial arts.
You've achieved the same with DeadlySeduction(TM). It draws heavily
from direct, indirect game, hypnosis, NLP, natural game... and yet
everything works so beautifully together.
I'm not exaggerating when I'm telling everyone that DeadlySeduction(TM)
is the first real breakthrough in seduction advice for the last 5 1/2
years. It's a good wake up call for everyone in the community -
students and gurus alike. Thank you for this.
"M. Briggs" (pseudonym)
Resident expert,
CA Seduction Lair


In the next (and final) section, you'll discover what
DeadlySeduction(TM) can do for you, and how you can easily generate
incredible amounts of attraction in the woman you desire in as little
as 5 minutes...

deadlyseduction cover

Here's A Sneak Peek Into The Secrets That You'll Learn Inside The
DeadlySeduction(TM) System...

Inside DeadlySeduction(TM), you'll discover the secrets of creating
massively intense attraction inside any woman you want to seduce: so
powerful that you'll drive them to chase you...
* How to create instant attraction - develop lightning-fast bond and
rapport by using these specific techniques I am going to give you.
(Page 35)

* How to get an unfair advantage in the game of dating and seduction
- only read this if you agree that you are not using this to hurt
women. (Pages 56-60)

* Blow-by-blow analysis of successful pickup conversations. Model
after these and you will be virtually unstoppable. (Pages 10, 23,
28, 33)

* A covert neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) trick that you can use
to evoke emotions in the woman and get her attached to you.
Includes the specific words and phrases to say that you can use
right away out of the box. WARNING - NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED.
(Page 37)

* The "Asshole Theory" - why jerks gets all the women, and how you
can have the same success with women... without having to be a jerk
(Page 18)

* The secret key to skyrocketing your value in the eyes of any woman
- this trick works irrespective of your looks, wealth or social
status (Page 12)

* The #1 reason why men fail with women - and how men unknowingly
make this mistake which sabotages any chance they have with women.
Are you making the same mistake? (Page 19)

* How an age-old persuasion and marketing technique can be used to
generate massive attraction to you within three minutes flat. Now
you don't have to wait days, weeks or months to get anywhere with
any woman (Page 25)

* The biggest key to understanding women... this answers the question
of "What Women Want" once and for all (Page 9)

* The first step to seduction is to G___ T____ A_____. Without this
step, you're NOT going to get anywhere with a woman... not even if
you've got Brad Pitt's mug and Bill Gates' riches (Page 38)

* The two power strategies that will make you stand out of the pack
and make women see you as the most desirable, attractive man they
have ever met (Page 24)

* The 'Seducer's Mindset' that will get you laid like a rockstar
(Page 4)

* A simple (but absolutely essential) exercise that makes it super
easy to identify and target the women that you really want (Pages

* Surefire methods and strategies to keep out from the dreaded
"friend" zone... by exploiting the little-known (but deadly
effective) technique called the "Attraction Factor" (Page 55)

* How to apply The Reversal Principle - the secret on how to
`reverse' the game to make her chase YOU instead! (Page 29)

* How you can use a simple but often misunderstood (and regularly
misused!) hypnosis trick to build your confidence and amplify your
irresistibility to women (Page 14)

* The best-kept secret on how to make a woman go crazy over you... by
using the patented S_______ Principle (Page 5)

* Why women WANT to be seduced... and the surefire way to bypass her
defences and show her that you're the kind of man she's been
waiting for all her life (Page 11)

* The little-known "Categorization" technique - how to stand out from
the other guys and make her think about you all the time (Page 44)

* The legendary A.I.D.A. formula used in advertising and marketing
circles - how you can exploit it "bend" a woman to your will
(Page 36)

* How to build your inner game and develop massive self-confidence
...so that you can approach women anytime, anywhere you want with
ZERO fear (Page 7)

* Going for the kiss - all the essentials you will need to know to
nail the most important moment in your relationship (Page 46)

* How to wield POWER over any woman... never be CONTROLLED by any
woman emotionally ever again (Page 15)

* Why `bad boys' get all the women they want, and leave the nice guys
behind. Find out how you can use what bad boys know to seduce
women out of your league. (Page 9)

* Where to meet lots of eager women - you will NOT have heard this
anywhere else, and what you read here WILL surprise you (Page 21)

* How to create interest and intrigue in your target, and make her
fixated to you and hang on to every word you say (Page 26)

* The "Rejection Proof Formula" - a new approach mindset that will
make you bulletproof against rejections and let-downs (Page 14)

* The very important concept of 'calibration' and how that can make
or break your success with women (Page 41)

* One "mindset hack" that you can immediately use that will set
yourself apart from 99% of all men out there... miss this and it
will cripple your attraction abilities for good (Page 8)

* The S_____ tactic - the easiest way to make yourself highly
attractive in any woman's eyes (Page 12)

* The "Reverse Seduction" tactic - use this notorious technique to
literally "force" a woman to CHASE you instead (Pages 45-46)

* Be ready for the "SHIT TESTS"... know why women will ALWAYS test
you, and how to pass those tests with flying colors like a true pro
(Page 17)

* How to "prepare" to seduce a woman - this is often the MISSING step
that will make or break your success with women! (Page 28)

* A simple "Conversational Seduction" technique to make a woman
intrigued by you and keep the conversation going (Page 42)

* A blow-by-blow example of what to say to a woman to "pull" her into
your world and set her up for successful seduction (Pages 33-35)

* How to use subtle humor to generate interest in a woman and get her
to want to talk to you (Pages 40-43)

* The seldom-discussed but highly important aspect of seduction -
Monitoring Her Comfort Level. How to know if she's entirely
comfortable with you, and what to do when she's backing off (Pages

* A covert ninja trick of getting "Confidence On Tap"... how to have
that James Bond confidence using this simple mind trick (Pages

* How to start building a relationship and create IMMEDIATE bond by
using lightning quick "instant rapport" strategies (Page 47)

* ... and more unique techniques and not-seen-elsewhere strategies
which will turbocharge your seduction skills to the next level -

"...I felt like I've just gotten some "attraction superpowers"...."

"After going through your program, the difference was phenomenal. I
felt like I've just gotten some "attraction superpowers"... I could
approach any woman I see and nine times out of ten they would give me
their phone number..."

"So I'm just calling in to say thanks. And yeah, you can use this video
as a testimonial, and your readers can email me if they have questions
about my experience with your program. Thanks again, Derek, I owe you

- Tony (tonyconstanza78@gmx

DeadlySeduction(TM) devotee Philip H is 53 years old... but is now
dating a Hooter's girl :)

Women agree that DeadlySeduction(TM) works...

DeadlySeduction(TM) devotee Roger Carwyn used the techniques to seduce
a lesbian... and it worked!

DeadlySeduction(TM) devotee James S. is now marrying the woman of his

The shortest testimonial that I've gotten... but also one of the best

Warning: Don't Use These Tactics If You're Not Comfortable With The
Idea Of Subliminally "Forcing" Women To Feel Attracted To You

What I'm going to tell you next is controversial and is highly
offensive to some people... but I'll say it anyhow.
One of the dirtiest secrets of human psychology is that we humans DO
NOT have full control over our emotions.
This means that we CANNOT HELP but to feel certain emotions when we are
"exposed" to certain experiences or situations...
Specifically for a woman, she won't be able to help it but feel
attracted to a man... if he successfully "triggers" off all her hot
emotional buttons.
DeadlySeduction(TM) will show you WHAT those hot buttons are... and
demonstrate exactly how to EXPLOIT them to make women find you
irresistibly charming and attractive... even if they feel repulsed by
Before You Download DeadlySeduction(TM), I Must Ask You To Promise Me

With DeadlySeduction(TM), you will have the power to turn any woman
into your emotional "slave"...

... and so it's important that you AGREE that you won't misuse this
knowledge. If you have the intention of harming women, or "getting one
back" at a woman who has hurt you, then THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING

However, if you want the definitive A-to-Z system for triggering deep
attraction in women using proven, "no-fail" psychology mechanisms and
tactics, and agree to only use the techniques ethically, then
DeadlySeduction(TM) is for you.

Answer This Simple Question For Me...

Imagine that by using the techniques inside DeadlySeduction(TM), you
get a date with one more attractive woman. How much would that worth to

Let's raise the stakes a little...

What if by using DeadlySeduction(TM) techniques you're able to achieve
success with a woman that you've always thought to be "beyond your
reach"? Now how much would that be worth to you?

Now let's really raise the ante...

What if DeadlySeduction(TM) gives you an entire toolbox to trigger
attraction in one attractive woman after another... and you get the
ability to get dates and have relationships with any woman you choose,
as often as you like?

How much would that worth to you? $1,000? $10,000? A million bucks?
Well, the truth is that most men would literally kill to have this

When I first got myself into this game, there weren't any resources
like this at all. I would have saved a lot of time, work (and
heartache!) if something like this was available for $39.97 when I was
just starting out.

I know that after your first success after you use these techniques,
you'll think, "I'm glad I made this investment".

After your second, third and fourth lay.... you'll think, "Oh boy...
that was the best investment I've made in my life!" I guarantee it.

Let's face it... there will ALWAYS be females that you'd like to date,
women you'd like to have sex with, and girlfriends that you'd like to
keep for as long as you wish. Just think of all the possibilities when
you have mastered this crucial area of your life.

And You Can Check It All Out For Free If You Want...

...because your investment is protected by an unconditional, no-hassle,
no-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee.

This means that you can download and examine the full package for 2
full months, and if you're not completely happy with how quickly love
life improves, I'll refund you every penny of your money - right on the
spot. That's my promise to you.
To Encourage You To Take Action Immediately, I'm Going To Bribe You

If you purchase the package today, I will throw in six valuable bonuses
to make this deal a total no-brainer.
Developed exclusively by renowned experts in the dating world (Carlos
Xuma, John Alexander, Derek Lamont, Hamilton Miller, Dean Cortez), you
won't find it anywhere else in the world.
Here's what in store for you...

[Bonus #1]

"Tease To Please" by Carlos Xuma
Derek Rake
Discover the absolute best techniques on how to talk to a woman... and
hit a grand slam in every conversation.
Use the tactics inside "Tease To Please" and know exactly what to say
to make her go head over heels in love with you - quickly. Combined
with the "Master Salesman Formula" in DeadlySeduction(TM), you will
never be short of tactics to make women like you within minutes upon
meeting you.
"Tease To Please" is a special report written by Carlos Xuma (the man
behind the legendary Alpha Lifestyle programs) for purchasers of
DeadlySeduction(TM) exclusively. Not available elsewhere... but it
could be yours free.

[Bonus #2]

"Alpha Body Language Secrets" by John Alexander
Derek Rake
John Alexander first broke into the scene with his bestseller, "The
Alpha Male System", where he exposed the "underground" psychology and
persuasion secrets that master seducers use to get women in the sack.
In this short report, John shares his best techniques on using
"non-verbal seduction" techniques to attract women using body language
John Alexander developed this report exclusively for purchasers of the
DeadlySeduction(TM) system - you can get a copy for free here.

[Bonus #3]

"Tricks Of Online Seduction" by Derek Lamont
Derek Rake
Derek Lamont (no relation) is the author of "Online Pickup Secrets"
which is widely known as the "de facto bible of online seduction".
If you've been wanting to seduce a woman through Facebook, MySpace or
via AIM then Lamont's the man you gotta listen to.
Combined with the rapport building techniques in "How To Seduce Out Of
Your League", you will be able to chat up any woman online... and get
her to eager to date you.
In this exclusive report, Lamont shares a trick you can use to boost up
the "pulling power" of your online profile, and make women want to
respond to you when you send them a message.
This manual is not for sale at any price, but you can get it here for

[Bonus #4]

"Covert Control" by Hamilton Miller
Derek Rake
Learn how to "covertly" control a woman using forbidden psychology
principles and tactics which are previously known only to an elite few.
"Covert Control" exposes some insidious techniques used by mind control
experts to hack into women's mind and subtly influences her into
falling in love with you. WARNING: we cannot be held responsible for
any action that you take resulting from learning the techniques
contained inside this report.
This book is written by renowned persuasion and mind control guru,
Hamilton Miller, who first shot to fame with the controversial "Elite
Social Control" system on manipulating social situations. It's yours
free with every purchase of DeadlySeduction(TM).

[Bonus #5]

"Strippology(TM)" by Derek Rake
Derek Rake
Now, you can easily learn the "little-known" skills, know-how and
tactics of...
* How to walk into a strip club, and within 30 minutes, seduce a
gorgeous stripper, and walk out with her holding on to your arm...
and change the way others will view you, forever.

* How to bypass her most common excuse that she feeds every other guy
in the room... "Sorry sweetie, but I don't date customers"... and
show her that you're the kind of guy she would want to date (or go
out and have fun with.)

* How to completely shut down her "stripper talk" by showing her that
you are an "insider"... that you are "in on the secret"...and get
her to treat you differently than the rest of the chumps in the

* How to cleverly show her that you are the "stripper boyfriend" type
and that, unlike most guys, you can handle dating a woman like her

* Learn little-known secrets about where to sit and how to project
attractiveness that will get the stripper to approach you first,
instead of the other guys. (I'll also reveal what never to do or
say... or you will walk out of there empty-handed, like the rest of
the guys.)

* How to avoid the regular, boring topics and instead get her to
'open up' and even compel her to start proving to you that she's
worthy of your time. (This is something strippers will never care
to do with other guys.)

Strippology(TM) has been taken "off the shelves" and unavailable
anywhere else - but you can get an exclusive copy for free here.

[Bonus #6]

"The 10 Commandments of the M.A.C.K" by Dean Cortez
Derek Rake
Dean Cortez developed his "M.A.C.K Tactics" system based on advanced
hostile negotiation techniques. He was subsequently featured in the FHM
magazine and over the FOX network for his breakthrough work in the
field of dating.
In this exclusive report, Dean shares his Ten Commandments of
seduction, and how you can use the same tactics to supercharge your
abilities with women.
This product is not for sale, but it comes free with

These six e-booklets are designed and written exclusively to complement
the DeadlySeduction(TM) system - by five of the best dating coaches in
the world today - Cortez, Alexander, Lamont, Miller and Xuma.

These six products are not sold anywhere else at any price - you can't
even buy them off the authors themselves. The reason is that the
authors have developed the techniques to work with
DeadlySeduction(TM)... think of these as "add-on" modules which will
turbo-charge your skills to the next level!

You'll get all six bonuses for free with the purchase of the
DeadlySeduction(TM) package.

Your Order Is 100% Confidential And Discreet
Be assured that your order is fully confidential and discreet. Your
personal information will never be shared to any outside parties -
that's my promise to you. The transaction is billed by "ClickBank" for
100% privacy - no reference to DeadlySeduction will be made.
And the best part is that you can have access to everything in just a
couple of minutes from now. Immediately after you place your order on
our secure, SSL-protected checkout page, you'll get the access to the
download page where you can get your hands on the DeadlySeduction(TM)
system and all six bonuses, in the privacy of your own home.
You won't have to pay any shipping and handling fees, and you won't
have to wait for anything to arrive in the mail. You'll get everything
I've listed above... in just minutes from now.
Let's Wrap It Up... You'll Get Everything
Here's everything you'll get inside the complete DeadlySeduction(TM)
DeadlySeduction package
1. DeadlySeduction(TM) - How To Seduce Out Of Your League (MP3 audio
and PDF manuals)

2. The Seducer's Blueprint - The Essential & Complete Step-By-Step
Roadmap Guide To DeadlySeduction(TM) For All Skill Levels (PDF manual)

3. "Tease To Please" by Carlos Xuma (PDF manual)

4. "Alpha Body Language Attraction Secrets" by John Alexander (PDF

5. "Tricks Of Online Seduction" by Derek Lamont (PDF manual)

6. "Covert Control - How To Use Underhanded Psychology Tricks To
Control Women" by Hamilton Miller (PDF manual)

7. "Strippology - The Lost Art Of Seducing Strippers And Hired Guns" by
Derek Rake (PDF manual)

8. "The 10 Commandments Of The M.A.C.K" by Dean Cortez (PDF manual)
It's Now Time To Take Action.

For the rest of the time that you're single, you're going to meet women
that you'd like to date. Or, you're going to be talking to a beautiful
woman somewhere, and want to get her number so that you get to see her
again. Or you'll already be dating her and want to get physical with

The million dollar question is this - will you be able to know exactly
what to say or do in each of those circumstances? Or you're just going
to take the risk, just "wing it" and just leave everything to dumb

Here's the better, smarter way...

Take DeadlySeduction(TM) for a FULL 21 Day Test Drive...
For $1
I assure you that you'll be using the techniques you learn in this
package to meet more women, but I want you to be equally confident.
That's why I am offering you the full package (the complete
DeadlySeduction(TM) system + six "add-on" bonuses) at only $1.00 so
that you get to read it and see the value for yourself. You'll get the
opportunity to see exactly how the tactics work before shelling out
Simply click on the "Download Now" button below and fill out the secure
order form. Go through the material, and if you don't see IMMEDIATE
results, then just email me at askderek@deadlyseduction within 21
days and you won't get charged another dime.
If you'd like to keep the package, then you don't need to do anything
further. Your credit card will be automatically billed for the rest of
the amount ($38.97), and you won't be billed again, ever.
Click on this button below to test drive the DeadlySeduction(TM)
program for $1 (and get six bonuses for free):

Download now for $1 >>

If you have any questions about this package, just email me at
askderek@ deadlyseduction

Wishing you success with women,

Derek Rake

Derek Rake - author, speaker & coach
askderek@ deadlyseduction

P/S: Remember - you only have to invest $1 to get started. If you
decide to keep the package, then you don't need to do anything else...
in three weeks' time, we will bill you the rest ($38.97) automatically,
once. You won't get billed again anymore after that.

If you don't like to keep it for any reason, just let me know within 21
days and you won't be charged again, ever.


Buy now-
Get your risk free trial for only $1


"I was ultra-skeptical at first...but geez...it actually worked."

"Hey Derek dude,

"OK, have finished the book and so here's my feedback. When I read your
salesletter, I was ultra-skeptical at first, but curiosity got the
better of me so I downloaded your ebook anyhow.

"I spent an hour after dinner reading your book and immediately used
the tactics on the girls I met the following morning, and geez...your
stuff actually worked. I approached a total of nine women, and six gave
me their phone numbers, while the other three immediately asked me out
on a date!

"I am totally dumbfounded by all this. Dude, this is truly mindblowing

"PS: The 'trick' on page 37 using a 'hypnosis hook' is absolutely
killer, but are you sure you want to let the kids loose with this?"

- Steve J. aka "Maverick", Florida

"He was incredibly smooth.. and knew all the right things to say to

"I just have to make a video to say thanks because I don't think we
would be dating if he had not downloaded that program.
So, thanks, Derek, and for all you other guys needing help to meet and
pick up the girl of your dreams, then this would definitely help you."

- Janette, Toronto

"...(your techniques) work like absolute magic.... she's now my
"I stumbled upon your website, and downloaded your program, and went
through the full roadmap from start to finish. I even memorized your
Master Salesman and "Pull Her Into Your World" techniques, and I gotta
tell you, they work like absolute magic.
I followed the steps exactly as you told me and it worked. She's now my
girlfriend for the last three weeks, and everything is going great."

- Alex, Miami

"...more phone numbers in the past few days than in the past one year!"
"Greetings Derek,
"Your DeadlySeduction system is valuable. I have gotten more phone
numbers and email addresses in the past few days than I have in the
past year!
"Keep up the good work!"

- Larry M Lynch, Pennsylvania

The handling of the order is via Clickbank. At the order page, you will
see this screen:

When you have completed the checkout, the download link will then be
emailed to you immediately.
You don't have to wait for anything to be sent to you over mail. Also,
we will never send you anything to your home and never contact you over
mail or phone - so your privacy is 100% assured.

Download now for $1 >>


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Derek Rake
Copyright Derek Rake Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.
"DeadlySeduction" and "How To Seduce Out Of Your League" are registered
trademarks of Derek Rake Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Copying
is strictly prohibited.

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